LAST CHANCE for $89/month bootcamp rate! | Austin TX Bootcamp Studio


Monday is the last opportunity for new members to take advantage of the $89/month unlimited bootcamp rate, y'all!! If you're already a member paying that ridiculously low price, that won't change for you! BUT if you aren't a member yet, or if you are and have friends who you think would like to take advantage, NOW is the time! As of 4/1, that membership rate will no longer be get on it!!!


MEMBERS::: Remember to have your friends let us know that YOU sent them in to sign up, or better yet, bring them in yourself! Doing so will result in a 10% membership discount EVERY month for as long as your referred member stays with us!! There is NO cap on this. Go ahead, I'll pause while you reflect on what I've just said.....

{pause. pause. pause.}

....that means you can earn a FREEEEE membership! EVEN if you aren't THAT popular of a could still be getting a substantial discount by referring a couple of friends.

Have a friend in mind that might want to try us out? 

Shoot us an email and we will hook you up with a free first-time visitor pass so they can fall in love with us just like you did. And then you can reap the rewards!

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