Workout Of the Week - "Let's Do the Twist!"

Oh hey HEAT peeps! I'm Lil Sarah, and I've got your HEAT W.O.W. for ya! This week we'll be working a lot in the transverse plane, meaning, there will be a lot of twisting motions going on. So get yourself set up with some dumbbells and let's do the twist!


What you'll need: A light and medium resistance set of DB, and a mat. (If you are newer to our workouts, you may want to just stick with some light DB.)

How long: 30-45 minutes

Warm it up! Start with a 4 minute jog.

30 seconds each, x2:

Standing twist (Stand with feet hip to shoulder distance apart, and arms slightly bent and held up about chest level. Twist from right to left.)

Jumping jacks

Bicycle squats (Stand with your hands behind your ears. Go down into a squat, and when you come up, bring your right elbow and left knee in towards each other. You'll ve standing on the right leg while this happens. Repeat this movements alternating sides.)

DB thruster

Low plank twists

Foward lunges

The workout: Each exercise will be done for 90 seconds. If you are working one side of the body, switch to the other side 45 seconds in. Get in 2-3 sets of everything.

Rotated DB thrusters (As you are pressing the DB overhead, pivot to the left, turning your right foot.)

Reverse DB chop

Rotated forward lunges (Hold one DB with both hands. Rotate towards the leg in front, when at the bottom of your lunge.)

Bicycle sit-ups (Lie on the ground as if you were going to do bicycle crunches, with your legs fully extended and your hands behind your ears. Instead of just twisting with your back remaining on the ground, sit all the way up, so you are balancing on your tailbone, and twist to bring the opposite knee and elbow together, bend the knee of that leg and pull it in towards the elbow. Extend all the way out, back to the starting position. Alternate sides throughout the 90 second set.)

Single leg DB dead lift (This one doesn't have you twisting, but will challenge your balance.)