Workout Of the Week - "Meet It Or Beat It."


Oh hey guys! Lil Sarah here, with the HEAT W.O.W.! This week's workout is about speed, and pushing yourself to the limit! Sounds fun, yeah?!

What you'll need: Lightweight DB and your beautiful self!

How long: 25-35 minutes

Warm it up! We are going to perform each of the drills listed for 1 minute. You need to keep count of your reps, so if you need your phone's notebook, or some paper handy, get that first.

Jumping jacks (Make sure to keep your arms straight, and have your hands touch overhead.)

Air squats


Alternating rear lunges (The back knee needs to come within an inch or two of the ground.)

The workout: Now's where the real fun begins! We are going to stick with the same 4 drills you warmed up, but now we are putting 45 seconds on the clock. Your goal is to meet or beat the number of reps you did in 1 minute! Once all four are completed, take 1-2 minutes off and move on to the next set...

Next up, we are sticking with the same four drills, taking our time back up to 1 minute, but now we are adding weight. (Very light weights for the jumping jacks, and your arms will not need to go past horizontal to the ground.) Same thing, try to meet or beat that number of reps from the warmup round. Finish here, take 1-2 minutes off and move on to the next set...

We've still got 1 minute on the clock for each drill, but we are taking that weight up a bit again! This will be your most challenging round. It's all mental here folks, push through... Finish this set, take 1-2 minutes off, and move to the final round.

Last set: Drop all of the weight, put 45 seconds on the clock, and beat that number of reps from the warmup, just body weight! Wooooo! After that, you're DONE.