Workout Of the Week - "Plyo Then Ascend"

What’s going on everyone? It’s your girl Jenn here with another killer WOW. 
This week we will hit all the muscles groups and allow for both muscular growth and fat shredding. Plyometrics is a great way to get the heart rate up and a fabulous way to lean out. The “Ascend” part means we will be increasing our reps in each complex I give you. (Complex meaning grouping 2 or more exercises into one rep/section.)


The workout structure will be 30 seconds of plyometrics with a 10 seconds rest then move into your ascending complex for 1 minute. Give yourself another 10 seconds rest and then repeat for a total of 4 rounds per circuit. 

NOTE: Example of how I want you to do the 1 minute “Ascending” section 

Burpees 30 seconds
Curl + Press 1 Min
You will start with 1 curl and 1 press. Next you'll do 2 curls and 2 presses. Then 3 curls and 3 presses, 4 curls + 4 presses, and so on and so forth till your 1 minute is up. 

Alright enough enough already. Lets do this!!!!!

How Long: 30 Min 

The Warm Up: 
5 min jog, bike, stair master, elliptical, jump rope 

Ascending Complex for 5 Min 

Inchworm + Pushup + Mt Climber (Per Leg) + Frog Jump + Squat 

The Workout: What You'll Need: 1 Heavy Leg Weight DBs, 1 Med-Heavy Upper Body Push-Pulls DB, Mat, Bench/Riser , and water

30 seconds /10 second rest  + 1 Min/10 second rest  = 1 Round
Do 4 Rounds 

Squat Jumps
DB Squat + Press

Ice Skater + Burpee
Close Grip + Regular Grip Chest Press
(Lying on a bench/riser with DB over your chest.  Start with your palms facing in and perform a chest press while keeping elbow in and scraping them down your side. Press up and now turn your palms out and perform a regular chest press) 

Quick Feet
Sumo DB Squat + Sumo Pulse Squat

(Feet pointed out and in a plea type stance. Perform one sumo squat then drop down to a 90 degree squat and do one pulse squat. The next time you'll do 2 sumo squats and then 2 pulse sumo squats) 

1/2 Burpee + Hook x4
DB Press+ BOR (Bent Over Row) 

Mt Climbers
Frog Crunch + Crunch N Extend