Workout Of the Week - "Four Times Three Then Yippee!"


Hello, and happy Hump Day ladies and gents. Jenn here with this week’s W.O.W. Today we are doing a 7 minute countdown, or as I like to call it “HEAT Down”. During this HEAT down you will be performing one complex (group/flow of exercises, back to back with no rest/break, of the weights) for 4 reps per exercise. Once you have completed all exercises in that complex for four reps that is one round done. As you will see by the title of this, the 3 now means the number of rounds you are doing before moving onto the “yippee” i.e second exercise. 

You will keep doing this workout scheme till your 7 minutes is up. This does NOT mean once you have done all 3 rounds of your complex and then did your “yippee” you are done. Start over again and try to get though as many rounds as you can in 7 minutes. 

Confused yet? Hahaha

Don’t worry. I got chu!

Here’s a “pretend” workout example…

Workout Sample
4x3 = “Yippee” exercise 

Squats + Pushups + DB Shoulder Press = 20 Burpees 

You will do: 4 squats, 4 pushups, and 4 shoulder presses. That is 1 ROUND. 
Repeat this again for a total of 3 ROUNDS.
After 3 rounds, complete your “yippee” (whats after the = sign ), so in this instance you'll do 20 Burpees. 

Once you have completed that entire circuit start back at the top and do as much of your complex and 20 burpees as you can, till 7 minutes is up. 

How Long: 35 minutes plus set up/transition time. Give or take 5 min.   

What You'll Need: 1 set Medium & Heavy weighted Dumbbells, Box/Bench/Stable piece of equipment to do a box jump on, mat, water, stop watch 

The Warm Up: 
5 Min Cardio Of Choice
Step Ups
Treadmill (3.0 Incline) Better for your body
Jumping Jacks/Jog in Place 30/30(Intervals 30 seconds into 30 seconds total 5 rounds)
Stair Master 

The Workout: 

Heavy DB Complex 4x3 = 40 Jump Squats
Squats + RDL + Reverse Lunges (Per Leg) 

DB Bench Press Complex 4x3  = 10 Burpees
Full Press + From the top Alternating Press + From the bottom Alternating Press
(Start with 4 reps of DB chest press. At the last rep hold the DB’s at the top and alternate one arm at a time descending down and pressing back up to the top. Do this for 4 reps per arm. Now bring both DB to the bottom position and alternate pressing up till you reach 4 reps per arm from this position. Once you have completed this circuit put the DB’s down, shake out those arms, and give yourself a few hug swings. Pick those DB back up and repeat this for 2 more times. Finish with burpees. REPEAT.)

DB & Box Complex 4x3 = 40 Up n Overs (total) 
Step Ups + Box Jumps + Static Lateral Lunges (Same Leg, Per Leg)

DB Shoulder Press Complex 4x3 = 5 Wall Walk Ups
DB Shoulder Press + From the top Alternating Press + From the bottom Alternating Press
(Same format as chest press)    

Bodyweight Complex 4x3 = 100 bicycles
Pushups + V Ups + Hip Raise Feet / To Sky Crunch