Workout Of the Week - "May Your Body Sweat, Scream, and SLAY!"

What’s up fit freaks? It’s your girl Jenn here brining you another full body WOW.


This week, per usual will be quite a sweat session. This will be a new style I haven't created for you yet, but it will be intense and keep your metabolism boosted through the entire rest of your day. For this workout you will need a stop watch of some sort to follow when the minute is up. 
This workout will only incorporate 5 exercises and last for only 25 min. Yup that’s correct. You heard it here. ONLY 25 MINUTES, and all you need is 1 medium to heavy sized kettle bell. 

Always remember you must push to the uncomfortable to get the results you want. Nothing in life is easy. If it was…well it wouldn't be worth it. So push hard and go harder. 

Lets get started shall we?

How Long: 25 minutes plus a 5 minute warm up 

What You'll Need: 1 KB medium/heavy weight, stopwatch/clock, water, mat, and a smile 

The Warm Up: 
3 Rounds
Jog/Run 2 Min
5 Inchworms
10 Pushups
15 Squats with a 2 seconds hold at the bottom
20 Hip Raises 

The Workout:
Once your equipment is all set up you will hit the start button on your timer and perform the first exercise with the designated number of reps. When you have completed the number of reps, you rest for the reminder of the time you still have in the minute. Once the second minute hits you then do the second exercise and its designated number of reps. Again your rest is the time left before the next minute is up. You will do this for five different exercises. Once you have done all five you then, without rest, start back up at the top. Beginning at exercise one again. This will mean you will begin exercise one at minute 6. Continue this workout till 25 minutes is up. You should have ran through this circuit 5 times to total 25 minutes. 

1st Min
KB Squat Curl to Press x 30 

2nd Min
Burpees x 20 

3rd Min
KB Swings x 30

4th Min
KB Overhead Sit Up + Russian Twist x20
    Only twist to one side after sitting up. Thats one rep. Next time you sit up         twist to the opposite side. 

5th Min
Star Jumps x 20