Workout Of the Week - "Recover & Adapt"


Hey folks! Coach Cody here from our SMTX studio. The title of this workout is meant to inspire you to think about moving with a purpose: to recover from hard training and, subsequently, get them #gainz! Try this workout when you’re ready to take a few days off but you still want to do some light movement.


1 light or moderate weight Kettlebell

Warm up:

We do a lot of resistance training at HEAT, so start this workout with a light 5 minute jog. Afterward, perform two rounds of the following drills:

10 push-up to down-dog

20 ab crunches

10 bodyweight squats

20 jumping jacks


Remember, this is a recovery workout. Easy does it. Focus on isolating the working muscles in each movement and move slowly. Perform three rounds of the following drills. Afterward, try a 3 to 5 min cold bath followed by a hefty meal and plenty of water. Your body will appreciate the TLC, and you’ll be ready for the heavy work next week!

4 Turkish Get ups

6 Negative Goblet Squats

8 Inchworm Pushups

10 Sit up to Toe touch