Workout Of the Week - "Sneaky Core Workout"


Hey campers, Billy Bosco here with this weeks WOW! This workout is meant to be stability based and to help remind everyone that the whole point of working out is to be healthy and coordinated. This workout is entirely dumbbell based and can be done in a half hour! Here's how it goes:

5 sets, 10 reps, 1 minute rest in between each full set:

-Reverse lunge to three legged dog (5 reps each leg)

-Single leg curl to press (5 reps each leg)

-Single leg plank row (5 reps each arm)

-lateral glute raise shoulder press (5 reps each leg)

Give this workout a shot! You'll notice I didn't include any core. You'll quickly realize that your core is being used throughout the whole workout by stabilizing yourself!