Anytime we are asked what makes HEAT stand out from the rest, we always tell people that one of the main things is our community. We have the best group of people you will find training at our studio! This month's member spotlight, Eliseo, has found so much more than just a workout, he's found his tribe through coming to camps...


"I joined HEAT in the fall of 2013 right as I was emerging from a dark chapter in my life. 

I needed routine. I needed discipline. HEAT gave me these. 

HEAT also provided a safe place for me to work not only on the outside me, but the inside me as well - biceps and confidence!

I've learned that my body is perfect for me. I've learned that my strength lies not in my arms or legs, but between my ears. I've learned that goals are more easily achieved when you take them step by step, day by day, or in my case, class by class, meal by meal.


But, the best gift HEAT gave me - a tribe. I found a family of supportive motivating people, who have helped me build a full and healthy life. I've learned that sweating, like life, is so much better when it is shared (thank you, Peyton, Rob, Jaden, Kiel, Sarah, Danny – and, Victoria!)

I cannot thank HEAT enough - for the muscles, and the new life."

El, we cannot be happier about having you in the HEAT family. Thank you!