Hey HEAT fam! We’ve got another motivating story for you all today. We’d like to introduce you to SOFI member Shannon R. This month is Shannon’s year anniversary at HEAT!! Not only has Shannon gotten a lot stronger over that year, but she’s set her sites on a new goal for this year…

Here’s her HEAT story:

“Before coming to Heat, you name it and I had tried it ... yoga, cycling, crossfit, running, barre, etc ... and nothing was sticking. I always ended up getting bored after a few months, either because the routines stopped being engaging, or I plateaued. Then one day, I saw some crazy people running on S. 1st at 6 pm and I remember thinking, wow, that’s impressive, I should go there. I looked into Heat and what really hooked me was the format. Leg day, arm day, total body. The end. It’s such a simple schedule, but surprisingly hard to find. Most gyms have super complex schedules and classes, and after seeing that I joined right away.


My first class was with Jenn and, oh boy, pretty sure I’m still sore from that one! I was nervous, I felt weak, I didn’t get the moves ... I remember looking around and thinking uh-oh, what the heck am I doing ... then I made eye contact with another newbie, and then another, and Jenn worked with us to figure out the moves. That’s one thing I have come to love about Heat – it truly serves all levels. It seems like we always have a newcomer, those people who have been coming for years, and all of us in between. The coaches are very accommodating if you need to grade the workout up or down, and they don’t make a big deal out of it. We’re all on different levels of the journey.

So, I kept coming – I learned the format, where the equipment goes, I started recognizing faces, I put in a lot of hard work, and I’m so happy with the results! What I have really come to love is that no two workouts are ever the same. My body is constantly being challenged in various ways and it seems like every few weeks I think ... Hmm, where did that muscle come from? Never been sore there before! I not only have made some great workout buddies, but I feel stronger both physically and mentally. I regularly attend the early morning classes, and I know that if I can complete those challenging workouts at 6 AM, I can tackle any obstacle throughout the day. To me, exercise means discovering my potential and seeing what I’m capable of ... it’s about making the impossible possible.


I love the strength gains I’ve made from coming to Heat. I’m lifting heavier than I ever have, and the emphasis on form in our classes is such a vital part of that. From the time I picked my fiancé up off the ground and he said “wow – you really are getting strong!”, to the time my grocery store cashier asked “Where do you work out?” - I’m feeling pretty good these days. So here’s to another year, Heat! My next goal? Unassisted pull-ups!”