Workout Of the Week - "Sweatin' the New Year In!"


Happy New Year HEAT family!!! Lil Sarah here with the first WOW of the year for ya.

This one is designed to get you moving at a pace that you can continue at without taking rest in between drills. That means you won’t want to go 100%. Take it at 60-75%, then see how many rounds you can get in without having to stop.

There are 10 exercises. You’ll do 10 reps of each exercise. Now for the fun part… Pick a number between 1 - 5.

Did you do it??

That number is how many rounds of the 10x10 you are going to do! Hooray! There are only two drills listed as being weighted, but feel free to add weight anywhere else you would like an added challenge.

Let’s get to it. Do a 5 minute jog / run / row / bike before getting started.

1- Lunges (each leg)

2- Tricep pushups

3- Bicycle setups (each side)

4- Lateral lunges (each leg)

5- Plank ups

6- V-ups

7- Curtsy lunge (each leg)

8- Back extension lat pull (When lying on your stomach and doing the back extension, bring your elbows back towards your spine - engaging your latissimus dorsi.)

9- Weighted crunches

10- Weighted squat jump