Workout Of the Week - "Booty Werk"


What’s up Heat fam! Coach Seth here. Are you ready for this? Are you prepared mentally to get that booty poppin’? This week’s workout is all about those cheeks, because EVERYONE loves a nice booty.

We are going to need a of couple things today for the workout, nothing crazy, but a few of the basics.

Hip Circle/Resistance band for putting around your legs




Before we really get into it, I have a quick little warmup to get those glutes activated and working. And for the whole workout I want you to really focus on your form and squeezing that booty through every rep.


1-2 Minutes-Runners Stretch to open up the hips

1-2 Minutes-Slow Squats Getting as low as possible

30(ea.) Walking Low Plank (pull your toes up towards your knee, keeping that leg as straight as possible, and lift it towards the ceiling squeezing that booty as your leg gets higher)

30(ea.) Reverse Lunges

25ft(each way) Banded Lateral Walk in a quarter Squat with your hip circle just above your knees

Today’s Workout will be a little slower and more traditional, with some sets and reps as opposed to a circuit. The rest will be 30-40 seconds between each set. The sets will come first and the reps second in the description (example 3x10)


Barbell Back Squats 4x12 (focus on depth)

DB Forward Leaning Reverse Lunge 4x12ea

Barbell Glute Bridge 5x8

Banded Squat Jumps 3x30

DB Single Leg Glute Bridge 4x6ea

25ft Banded Squat Walk 4x’s (Forward Down,Backwards Back)