The HEAT Franchise Opportunity

a business opportunity that's all about balance

At HEAT, we set out to refine a fitness offering that consistently strikes a balance between intensity and fun, between individual accomplishment and group dynamic, between @$$-kicking and hand-holding.

And we did just that!  Today, after years of proven success and a building clamor for more HEAT locations, we’re offering franchise opportunities to qualified individuals, individuals who also strike a perfect balance – a balance between business savvy, fitness fanaticism and a passion for customer service.

For us, that balance is critical because at HEAT, our franchise owners are offering a lot more than just the most innovative and evolving workout option in their local market (although they do).  No, what we’re talking about is what our franchises and the workouts really impart upon our members.

At HEAT, we don’t sell workouts.  We don’t sell fitness.  We sell a LIFESTYLE.  Our franchises and their owners offer a path toward confidence, happiness, accomplishment, glamour, self-esteem, and smiles.  When our members walk out of one of our locations, they walk out with more than just a great workout under their belt.  They leave feeling better about themselves than when they walked in.

If you’re interested in a business that truly changes your customers' lives on multiple levels, HEAT might just be the business for you.

Our franchisees are building thriving businesses and enjoying unparalleled success.  Why are HEAT franchise owners so happy?

  • Real World Know-How - We offer the most hands-on fitness training in the franchise industry. Our initial training program was specifically designed to prepare our franchisees to graduate with more real-world, practical training than anywhere else.

  • Get Trained by the Best in the Business - All of our franchisees are trained by HEAT founder Cody Butler and president Joey Trombetta, with combined decades of business and fitness experience.

  • Building a Business with Passion – All HEAT franchisees have three common character traits; an entrepreneurial spirit, a “from-the-heart” attitude for customer service, and true passion for health and fitness. HEAT offers budding entrepreneurs the rare chance to build a successful business while following their passion for people, a passion that makes every day an enjoyable and satisfying one.

This is definitely an exciting time for HEAT and its franchisees.  If you’d like to know more, simply request more information below or click NEXT to read more about our offering.

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