Workout Of the Week - "Short, Sweet, and Sweaty!"

What's up FitFam!!!! It's your girl Jenn back at yah with a nice sweaty quick workout that has only one piece of equipment. The Dynomax Ball or Dead Ball. This is great for anyone short on time and still looking for a great full body workout.


You've got 5 Rounds, 12 Reps of everything. You will perform all of these exercises as fast as possible while maintaining perfect form. Record your time and challenge a buddy to beat you, or do this workout again another day you're short on time, and try to beat the time you got. Always challenge yourself and never quit.

How Long : 35 min time cap not including warm up.

What You'll Need: Dynomax/Dead Ball

The Warm Up : 3 Rounds - 10 Reps Each
Plank Swimmers ( Per Side )
Sprawl + Frog Jump
Reverse Lunge With Oblique Twist ( Per Side ) Run 1 Min Before Each New Round

The Workout : Moderate Weighted Dead/Dynomax Ball, Stopwatch, Water, A Room People Around You Don't Mind The Slamming Noise
5 Rounds - 12 Reps
Complete All Reps of Each Exercise Before Moving To The Next Exercise. As Fast As Possible
Squat Jump Slam
Reverse Lunge & Press ( Total ) Ball Burpee ( Full Pushup )
V Up + Crunch N Toss
Get Up Slam ( Total )





Hi HEAT fam! We can't begin to tell you just how excited we get when we hear motivational stories from you, our crew. Today we've got a great story coming out of San Marcos for you all.

Team HEAT, meet Kellen. Kellen has started 2018 off with a fitness journey, and has really been motivated to continue since beginning camps at HEAT SMTX.

Here are Kellen's reasons for LOVING her some HEAT!

•    When did you start coming to HEAT, and what were your expectations?

Going into HEAT I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I saw a flyer at a local pub ‘n’ grub called Buzzmill and decided I’d give it a shot. What the hell, my first class was free! After that first class I absolutely fell in love and bought the intro membership. I’m glad I took the leap of faith that my gut was sending me. 


    •    What kinds of goals have you set for yourself this year, and how are you achieving them?

My goals for this year seem simple, they are to feel beautiful and confident in my own skin. To love myself again and be happy. Yes, I also have weightless goals but my happiness and self-love are the top priority. 

I have felt more confident in my own skin since I started eating better and working out. I would love to reach my goal weight by Jan 2019. I started this hard journey January 2018 and it hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth it. 

    •    What’s your favorite part about working out at HEAT?


I have a few favorite things about HEAT. My first would be that it doesn’t feel like a work out, it’s so much fun. The workout goes by so incredibly fast that when Coach Cody, Seth, The Other Cody, or Shandee tell me we are done, I’m shocked!! Another thing I love, LOVE about HEAT is it’s such a supportive atmosphere. You’ll hear the occasional “whoo we got this” from another ‘dying’ member and that really helps add support and motivation. I could go on forever about what I love about HEAT but my biggest draw to it is that we are a family. I’ve met some amazing friends that are such cool people. This gym likes to have fun outside of working out and it’s such a great way to make friendships with the people that you workout with and the ones that teach you!!