Workout Of the Week - "Beat the Kettle Bell"


Hey guys… it's your girl Jenn again. Here to deliver you a gnarly kettle bell workout. 
You'll need a timer for this one because you will be trying to beat the clock for each exercise. 

This is a great workout that takes less than 40 Min and will leave you dripping with sweat and soaring through calories. 

Hope you enjoy!

Equipment Needed: 
Moderately Heavy Kettle Bell, Timer, Water 

Time Of Workout: 35 Min + warmup

The Warm Up: 
3 Rounds
Run 100 M / Row 6 Calories / 30 Step Ups
5x KB Upright Row
5x KB Shoulder Press
5x Goblet Squat
5x F Lunges Each Side 

The Workout: 
Complete Each Exercise Within a 1 Min Time Frame…. The Remainder of Your Left Over Time Is Your Rest. Move Onto The Next Exercise At The Top of The Next Min. Once All Exercises Are Complete Rest For 2 Min and Begin Again. Do This Circuit 5 Times.

One Min Beat To The Clock -  5 Rounds / Rest 2 Min After Each Completed Round 

KB Full Cleans x 12

Single Arm Sit Up x !0 Each Side 

KB Swings x 20 

KB Single Arm Snatch N Forward Lunge x 10 Total 

KB Uneven Pushup + Row x 12 Total 

KB Sprawl + Jump Squat x 12 

KB Reverse Lunge + Around The World x 12 Total



Workout Of the Week - "Can't Touch This!"


Hello Team HEAT! This week's WOW is coming from our SMTX studio via Coach Shandee. She's set you up with an endurance tabata workout. Sound sweaty? That's because it will be!

Warm Up: 
500m Row 


TABATA (20 sec work/10 sec rest) 
Set up 4 cones, 10ft apart
Each cone will be assigned an exercise, you will perform that exercise for 20 sec then during your 10 sec rest walk forward to the next cone
Repeat for 10 rounds (trying not to take rest after each round! Remember endurance means being in an uncomfortable zone!) 


Cone 1- Mt. Climbers
Cone 2- Tuck Jumps
Cone 3- Skater Jumps
Cone 4- Burpee
Run 400 m
X10 rounds