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Workout Of the Week - "Med Ball Tabata!"


Hey guys! Shandee from our SMTX studio here with your workout of the week. All you need is a Med Ball and some space to throw that thing!

This will be done TABATA style (20 secs of work, 10 secs of rest)

Do each move 4 times, then go immediately to the next, only allowing yourself the 10 secs of rest for the transition! Remember, this is a cardio intensive workout. Your heart rate will come up fast, and you should almost feel breathless!

Happy sweating! : )

Broad Jump to Med Ball throw

Ball Slams

Front Shoulder Hold – just like it sounds. Hold that MB in front of you, shoulder height, with your core tight!

Shoulder Run – if you’re near a track, this might be around 100 meters

Repeat the entire circuit for 4 rounds.