What should I expect?

Besides the best workout of your life?  Expect to sweat, meet great people, and have some fun.

What do I need to bring?

Just yo' towel, yo' water, and yo' self.  We got the rest.

Do I need to book online or can I just show up?

As our camps tend to fill up, we highly recommend that you sign up for any class you would like to attend. We’d hate for you to show up and not be able to workout!

Do I need to get "in shape" before I come to bootcamp?

Besides the obvious "the whole reason EVERYONE comes to bootcamp is to get in shape and it would be silly to get in shape before getting in shape", the short answer is....NOOOOOOOOO (okay, maybe that was the long answer).  Our classes are designed to be modifiable to people of all fitness levels, so no matter where you are on the fitness spectrum, from elite athlete to workout newbie, you can get a GREAT workout.

Are you going to yell at me?

Yes...I mean, no....I mean, sort of.  Although it may be called bootcamp, there is nothing militant about our program.  However, we may get excited from time to time and yell a little bit, but it will always be positive things like "GOOD JOB" or "NICE WORK" or "GET OFF YOUR PHONE" (what's the point of working out if you can't Instagram it, right?).  Besides, we all have microphones, so there's no need to shout.

Do you heat the room?

NO!  Our NAME may be HEAT, but that definitely does NOT mean that we heat our bootcamps.  Although you may be used to some other group exercise classes heating the room, it would be more than irresponsible to add heat to the type of workouts that we engage in at HEAT.  While we DO want you to get a good sweat going, we want it to be from the workout, not because it's 125,000 degrees in the room, so we make sure to keep the air conditioners cranking.


Wanna see us in action?! Check out one of our classes below…