The HEAT training team is unparalleled in it's diversity and ingenuity.  But let's face it...it's the results that matter.  And that's what we're all about.  The Results.  So all about it that we actually needed to use poor grammar and capitalize a noun that isn't a place or a proper name just to make sure everyone knows how important the Results are to us.  And, with our free initial consultation, we make sure that you're paired up with the best trainer to get you exactly the results you're looking for.

Need more proof??  Just listen to what a couple of our clients had to say...

Kent - Photo with PVC.jpg

"I have noticed many changes, all of them positive.  I have at least glimpsed strengths, physical and mental, that I wasn't sure I had.  I have gained weight (hopefully some of it muscle!) when I tried, and have lost weight and body fat when I set that as a goal.  No goal seems out of reach now."

- Kent Smith


"Although I’ve been athletic all my life, I wasn’t strong or feeling all that great. The workouts with Greg have made me focus on strength and health. He has been very supportive in helping me revamp my diet in conjunction with my workouts and my running so I don’t get overly tired or sick.  I like to laugh out loud at Greg and Margaret as they do hip-hop dancing to the ‘Pit Bull’ song after our burpees."...."When I first started working out, my pushups consisted of standing and pushing away from the wall.  I’m proud to say I can now do real pushups right on the floor!  Working with Greg has been a pleasure. Each session is different and never boring."

- Irene Glinatsis & Margaret Norris


"I am so happy that I decided to train with Coach Rick. When I started working with him, I thought I was doing alright, and I was. But I had so much to learn, and so much to improve upon, and Coach Rick helped me figure that out...With Rick’s training, my confidence has grown, and so has my affinity for working out. After a couple of months, I increased my workouts to 5 days a week, and realized I was only just beginning my journey."

- Jake Pinon