Hello HEAT fam! Lil Sarah here, I'm back from the beach, and ready to bring it to ya! Total body torcher this week, it's HOT out there...

The first exercise listed in this workout will be HEAVY, and done for 20 reps. If you go heavy enough, you'll want to break it up into two sets of 10. Take as short of a break as possible in between those two sets of 10. The next drill listed will be done for 30 sec. You should be tired, so to get through it, remind yourself it's only half of a minute. :)

What you'll need: Some HEAVY DB (dumbbells)

Time: 40-60 min


Warmup: sets of 20

Plank ups

Sumo squats

Bicycles (each side)


Lateral lunges

High plank jacks

The workout: Get through each set and repeat 3 times

DB squat to high pull / prone squat thrusters

Rotating DB thrusters / side to side prone squat thrusters

DB sit-up to press / jump lunges

Bent over row to dead lift / star sit-ups

Chest press w/ leg lift / squat jump w/ knee tuck

Prone squat thrusters: Begin in the high plank position. Take both feet together and hop them as close to in between the hands as you can. Tuck your knees in towards your chest. Shoot both feet together back so you come back into that high plank. Keep your hips as low as possible while shooting the feet back, sounds easier than it really is. Do this motion without resting at the top or back with the feet. Nice and fast

Side to side prone squat thrusters: Same thing, but you are hopping your feet up near the right hand and back, then up by the left hand and back.

Star sit-ups: Start sitting with knees tucked, feet off the ground, and hands reaching out in front of your legs. (Your tucked into a seated ball.) Now lie back, extending your arms and legs to make your body into an "X". Try not let you hands or feet touch the ground. Repeat as fast as you can. Make sure to keep your chest broad and shoulders back so as not to round the spine, and keep tension out of your lower back.