Hola beautiful people. It’s your girl, your badA$$, super crazy trainer, Jenn here. Here to bring you yet another wonderful W.O.W. 


Summer is right around the corner people. That means less clothes….more skin showing….lots of flaunting all those goodies around. Are you ready for that?

I’ve been adding a lot more intensity to my HEAT camps the last two weeks because it’s “fat shredding time” and it’s time to lean out. This is not saying you haven't been doing that, or don't have that goal all the time. This is just an added push to do so. Maybe you are plateauing, and are in need of something different, more challenging. Regardless everyone needs a good, high heart rate, super sweaty session every once in a while. 

So due to this we will be keeping the weights low and the reps high. Very minimal rest and lots of burning of that fat and leaning out of the body. 

Don’t stop. Don’t make excuses. Excuses DON’T get results. 

Be proud of that body this summer when you take those clothes off!!! 
Make ‘em jealous!!!

This workout is based off of a 1 minute count down that you will do 4 times through before moving onto the next circuit.  You will be given 3 exercises and the designated number of reps to do. Your goal is to complete this circuit as fast as possible, while maintaining proper form. Rest is the remaining time in that minute before the next round/minute starts. At that point in time before you start the next round you must now add 2 reps to each exercise and still try to beat the clock. As you will start to notice, round 3 and 4 will become quite challenging to beat. DON’T give up and try to beat it, because if you don't …
As if this wasn't hard enough you will have to do 5 Burpees at the end of your circuit before moving onto the next. Yup … I did that. Honor system here people. Don't slack off and have one more rep left and call it even. Nope do your burpees. 

Lets look at an example of how this would look:

6 Pushups + 3 Slam Balls + 3 Toe Touches
     1st Min  
8 Pushups + 5 Slam Balls + 5 Toe Touches
    2nd Min
10 Pushups + 7 Slam Balls + 7 Toe Touches
    3rd Min
12 Pushups + 9 Slams + 9 Toe Touches

Don’t forget that if you could not do the designated reps, no matter what round it is, you MUST do 5 burpees at the end of your circuit before moving onto the next. 

You're Welcome HEAT Fam!!!

How Long: 5 Min Warm Up + 30 Min Workout
 (Including 1 min rest in between each new circuit ) 

What You'll Need: Dynomax/Med Ball/Sand Ball, 1 Med Weight KB, PullUp Bar, Med + Light set of DB (dumbbells), Water, Mat 

The Warm Up: 
3 Rounds

Jog/Run 2 Min
10 Squat Jumps
8 Pushups
6 Inchworms
4 Pullups
2 Burpees 

The Workout:
1 Min Countdown. As fast as possible. Beat the clock. Add 2 reps to each exercise every new round. Penalty = 5 Burpees (if not completed in 1 min)

10 Squats + 10 Jump Squats + 10 Jump Lunges (Total)

2 Pull Ups +  4 DB Burpee Lateral Delt Raise + 4 DB Punches (Per) 

4 DB Forward Lunges (Per) + 8 DB Jump Lunges (Total) + 8 Frog Jumps 

2 Turkish Get Ups (Total) + 6 Slam Balls + 6 DB Single Arm Snatch (Total)

2 Wall Walks + 8 KB Swings + 8 KB Push Press