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We like to think that all of you in the HEAT fam are loving your time in camps here. I mean, why else would you come?! Sometimes we don't quite know how much you are loving it. That's why when we get letters/emails, like the one we are going to share with you today, we are through the roof with excitement!


HEAT family, meet Jess. She went from expecting to only stop by and try ONE camp, to full fledge LOVING camps! Here it is in Jess's words:

I wanted to share a bit of personal testimonial and sincere appreciation for what you all do at HEAT.

When I walked into HEAT in mid-December, my plan was only to try one class. I was already very active, pretty fit, and exercised most days—but was convinced that this was not the type of workout for me. There were two things that had me convinced of this. First, I had severely broken my ankle about 1 ½ years earlier (and when I say “broke my ankle,” what I really mean is my foot was severed and barely attached by a few tendons). I had been in physical therapy twice weekly for almost a year afterward—and, by this point, I was fairly sure I had reached the peak in regaining ankle strength and mobility. 


Secondly, I’ve lost 170 pounds since late 2015, after having been overweight all of my life. Overtime, I had pushed past my anxieties about fitness— but was definitely afraid that I would not have the strength for the level of intensity in a bootcamp class (or, really, that I would ever have a body that would cooperate with this type of workout).


Well, needless to say—I was wrong. I’ve been coming to HEAT regularly for more than 4 months now and I feel fabulous after every camp. To my absolute amazement, my ankle is building strength and mobility. Compared to when I started, I can balance much longer on one leg and get much further into a squat without my heel lifting. I am training for the Nashville Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon on April 28th and, since starting at HEAT, I feel so much stronger when I run. And as an added bonus, I have moved past a weight loss plateau and starting chipping away at the few more pounds I have to lose. 

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t made the choice to challenge my body in new ways. And I would never have made that choice without HEAT! From the first camp I attended, Cody R. made me feel so welcome. I have come to appreciate attending camp where I know that Danny will check in to see if I need modifications for my ankle; Sarah will give me tips to improve my form and remind us that change happens when we push through discomfort; and Greg will make sure we get the best high fives. I feel challenged every time. I feel exhausted every time. I feel impressed that I made it until the end—every single time.

I cannot thank y’all enough for everything that you do!





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Happy Friday HEAT family! The month of May is here, and we've all been gearing up for the Summer. Well what better motivation to stick with the hard work than an amazing results story!

HEAT family, meet Kevin. Kevin has been doing his thang at HEAT for over 3 1/2 years! He's found great success over the last year. Taking advantage of both camps and nutrition consulting, Kevin has found a routine that works well for him. We'll just go ahead and let him tell you about it...

"I joined Heat Bootcamp about 3-1/2 years ago shortly after my wife and I moved to Austin.  At first, I would come to camps 1-2 times per week.  As I got to know some of the trainers and the different workouts, I increased the number of workouts to around 3 camps per week.  I continued to come to camps at least 3 times per week but I was not losing weight. 
Heat was offering a special at the beginning of last year that included a nutrition consultation and a couple of personal training secessions so I signed up.  I met with Sarah one Saturday morning after a workout to talk about nutrition and my diet.  I had kept a food log over the last month so we were able to review what I was eating on an average day.  Sarah recommended that in addition to tracking calories, I should try to keep track of the fat, protein, and carb intake as well.  My goal was to eat around 2,000 calories divided into 30% fat, 30% protein, and 40% carbs.  I kept eating the proportions as we discussed and I started to lose some weight.

I kept tracking the food that I ate and tried to keep the 30/30/40 nutrient ratio.  I did not restrict what I ate as long as I kept the proportions.  If I knew that I would have a couple of beers or glasses of wine with dinner, I made sure not to eat a lot of carbs for breakfast or lunch. 
I kept up with eating my daily meals in the same fat/protein/carb proportions over the summer and my weight went from around 260 pounds in February to almost 220 pounds in November.  In July, Sarah checked my body fat percentage and it was around 24%.  She checked it again in December and it was down to 19.5%.  I've kept my weight in the 220's over the last 9 months, losing at total of 40 pounds!"

Kevin, your results are a motivation for ALL of us here at HEAT. Thanks for sharing them with us!