Hey-yo! It’s Lil Sarah and I hope you don’t have to wash your hair after this workout. I suggest having a little pep talk with your shoulders, and tell them it’s GAME TIME. Don’t worry, we’ll give other muscle groups some love too.

The reps in this workout are high, so that means you’ll want to go with a lighter weight. Try to make it through all of the reps without breaking.

What you’ll need: DB (dumbbells) - you’ll need to be able to lift these overhead. A box, some stairs, or a chair - you need to be able to get into a high plank with your feet on the box and hands on the floor. Lastly a mat - if you are on a hard surface.

Time: 30-40 min

Let’s get those shoulders nice and loose while we bring your hear rate up.


2 rounds

30 jumping jacks (make sure to keep your arms straight)

30 giant skips (make sure to swing the arms)

10 wide grip push-ups

20 squats with arms held overhead

20 jump lunges pressing the arms overhead every time you jump

10 plank ups

The main course:

3 rounds of everything, take a 30-60 sec rest in between sets

15 decline push-up (wider grip)

20 double DB snatch

30 high spiderman plank (15 each side)

15 wide bent over row

20 sumo squat to high pull

20 sit-up to press (one DB held sideways)

Core burnout:

2 rounds of both, take a 15-30 sec break in between rounds

-With your toes underneath some heavier DB, get in the sit-up position, to where you are leaning back halfway.

30 sec leaning back and holding

30 sec leaning back with small pulses

30 sec leaning back with small twists

-Lie on your stomach, lift your arms so that your chest rises off the ground, and lift your legs as high as you can so your glutes are engaged.

30 sec holding arms and legs up

30 sec doing small flutters with both the arms and legs

30 sec curving the arms and legs to the right, and then the left

If you can only make it halfway through a set, you’ll probably want to drop the weight. On the other hand, if the last three reps aren’t challenging for you, you’ll probably want to go up in weight. Use the first round through everything to test out the weight you’ve chosen. Adjust if need be before the second round. 30-40 minutes is just an estimate for time, don’t worry if it takes a little longer. You’ll get better as you keep at it. :)