Ohhh hey there HEAT Familia!!!

Coach Jenn here with another W.O.W for yah. 


If you were lucky enough to experience the Austin City Limits Festival here in ATX, then I'm sure you're with me when I say “Man… I gotta get back on track!” 

Our workout this week is a “Get Back on Track“ High Intensity Interval Workout.

These workouts are the kind of workouts that will keep your metabolism revved up. Along with the fact that your heart rate will be very high, or should be, your chances of reaching the “fat burning” stage increase drastically.

I, as a personal trainer, see people fall off the band wagon too easily after big events/holidays. Monday rolls around and you're dragging at work. You can't wait to get home, lay on the couch, eat, and pass out. It is then the next day, where two things can happen, and its up to YOU to make the right decision. 

1.) You wake up and say “Okay, I took my rest day and now I’m ready to get back in it. Let’s workout and sweat out all these bad decisions “ 
2.) You wake up and say “I’m still really tired. Im just going to hit the gym/workout tomorrow.”


I could go on and on, but instead, I will tell you if you need added info/inspiration on how important it is to stay on track. Come follow HEAT’s Instagram, and check out our daily “Stories”.

Get your interval timers ready!!!
If you don't have one your can download one of the many apps to your phone. 
I like “Seconds App” on Apple.

Let’s sweat it out people …You got this!!!!

What you'll need: A timer, 1 set of light dumbbells, 1 medium to heavy set of dumbbells, a wall.

How long: 30-35 minutes

The Set Up: Set your timer to 40 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, for 4 rounds. You will complete each circuit in its entirety before moving onto the next circuit. Do this circuit in an A, B style. Meaning, complete the first exercise for 40 seconds, 10 seconds rest then move onto the second exercise for 40 seconds, 10 seconds rest. Repeat for 4 rounds. 

The Workout: 

Circuit 1:

Wall Walks- Pushup 

Starting in a plank position, heels facing the wall. Walk your feet up the wall. Moving both your feet and your hands at the same time till you are in a assisted handstand position, or as strong as you feel you can hold this stance. Once you reach your tallest position, walk back down with control. Again move both feet and hands simultaneously till you are back to your plank position. Once there do a pushup, and repeat. 


Circuit 2: 

Squat x2- Surfer x2

Do 2 squats then immediately after jump and turn 180 degrees landing in a low squat. Do that 2 times as well before going back into the squats. You should end facing where you started.  

Low Hold Mt Climbers

High plank position. Lower your body half way (similar to doing vinyasa in yoga for all you yogis out there) Hold this position and then do your mt. climbers. 

Circuit 3:

Chest Press- Over Head Pulse Crunch

After your chest press keep the dumbbells overhead and using your core pulse the dumbbells up to the sky. Keeping control, try not to use the momentum of a swing to generate movement. Its all in the core. To make this movement more of a challenge, you can also elevate your feet off the floor and keep your legs straight up. 


Think of doing a kettlebell swing but with dumbbells and they are to the side of you vs in between your legs. Generate movement from the hips to swing the dumbbells up. Stoping at shoulder height. The name comes from old western movies that always had the stand off gun draws. 

Circuit 4:

Reverse Lunge - Lateral Fly  

Holding light dumbbells to your side do a reverse lunge whileextending your arms out to the side, stopping at your shoulders. 


Static Squat Hold- Punches