Happy Hump Day folks! It's Lil Sarah here with your W.O.W. from HEAT. We are going to push ourselves this week with a combination of heavy and high intensity drills. Challenge yourself with a heavier weight than you usually use; you're going to be doing fewer reps than normal.

What you need: DB and a mat

How long?: 30-40 min

Warm it up: The warmup is going to be a similar format to the main workout. Get in 10 reps of the first drill listed, and 30 reps of the second. We're doing 4 sets of each pair of drills.

Squats / high knees

Push-ups / jumping jacks

Forward lunges / butt kickers

Side V-ups (ea side) / bicycles

The workout: 5 reps of the first drill, go HEAVY. 30 sec of the second drill, move FAST. 4 sets of each pair. Leggo!

DB squats / squat jump knee tucks

Chest press / plank up downs

Rear lunge to knee up (Step back into a lunge with your left foot. Come out of that lunge and drive your left knee up towards your chest. Alt sides every set.) / low lunge hops (Get into a lunge with the left foot back. Stay in that lunge and hop so that both feet leave the ground. Repeat for 30 sec.)

Low side plank punch thru w/ DB (ea side, Use a lighter DB for this drill) / DB reverse chops (Use a lighter DB for this one as well.)