August: it’s a month of 100 degree days, 85 degree nights, and an awesome, sweaty challenge from HEAT Bootcamp. We call that challenge ‘Amp it Up August,’ where we reward you with a $25 credit on your account for attending 25 camps in the month. This month, we’d like to Spotlight a member of our SMTX studio who CRUSHED the Amp it Up August Challenge: Raegan B.


- Tell us about yourself, Raegan.

“Hi! My name is Raegan, and I am a senior public relations major at Texas State.”

- What does exercise mean to you?

“Exercise is something that is very important to me and something that I am dedicated to. I feel that exercising helps me control stress, be productive and just all around makes me feel good!”


- What was your strategy throughout the Amp it Up August challenge?

“I attended camps twice a day, three times per week. Although it wasn't easy, I believe that the challenge was very beneficial to getting me closer to my exercise goals and it helped me by increasing both my overall muscle strength and stamina.”

- What are your exercise goals moving forward?

“Moving forward, my main goal is to focus on improving my form in certain exercises, and of course, becoming stronger and more fit each day!”

- What’s your favorite part about HEAT?

“I’ve been going to HEAT for about 4 months now, and I’ve loved it from day one! My favorite thing about HEAT is how personable and helpful all of the trainers are. Everyone is there to help each other out. In my opinion, that’s one of the most important aspects of a great gym!”

In Memory of Raegan’s Biceps…may they forever rest in peace ; )